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Monday, April 02, 2007

The Glory of '67

Forty years ago ...
As 1967 dawned, the Red Sox were coming off eight consecutive losing seasons. They’d lost 90-plus games for three straight years, including a 100-loss disgrace in 1965. They hadn’t won an American League pennant in 21 years, and hadn’t seriously contended for one in 15. After Ted Williams retired in 1960, attendance plummeted; the average attendance for a game at Fenway Park in the six years from 1961-66 was 10,026. Like the Bruins of today, they had become irrelevant. Their existence barely dented the Boston sports consciousness.

“You couldn’t give tickets away — no one wanted them,” Rico Petrocelli wrote in his book.

And then Yaz and the 67 Red Sox changed everything!


  • At 6:08 PM, Blogger Jim said…

    I was eight years old when Yaz and the RedSox won the pennant. I didn't become a Yaz fan until 1968 - although I do remember everyone listening to their radio and commenting how this Yaz kept on winning ball games in that magical year. In 68, I watched every game that was televised. No cable back then but still a decent amount of games. I also followed the morning newspaper to read the box scores. I remember one newspaper in August with the headlines. "Yaz reaches 300!" In hindsight - it's kind of strange, huh?


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